Exciting times ahead!

Welcome Back ladies and gentleman!!!

I am taking this opportunity to thank you first of all for the overwhelming support that you have given me. At the risk of sounding repetitive, the feedback I have received on the last song has by far exceeded all my expectations, and without you guys behind my music, I probably wouldn’t have been writing this new post.

As it turns out, putting my songs out there has actually kickstarted a few opportunities music wise. As nothing has been 100% confirmed just yet, I cannot actually reveal anything. But on a more positive note, I have been recalled from my exile and will be back to play in Chinawhite (rather prestigious London club) for my usual opening set from 9pm to 11pm every Wednesday. Please expect a mix of mellow deep house to kick start the evening, and do look out for my own tunes!!!

If you are unable to make it, I will be rocking the decks at our next “White Rabbit” party on the 10th March, along with fellow resident Kino Levy, and the amazing headliner that is Brother Nick(Every single tune he drops is incredible). For those of you unaware of this event, we are basically hosting a night full of Deep House beats, in conjunction with our live Jazz players. A musical orgy between real instruments ( resident Linx on the bongos and the incredible Mr. Aspromallis on the trumpet), and electronic music, for a night that never disappoints. This will also be the opportunity for me to drop my newly produced tracks.

Speaking of production, I have been in my studio almost non-stop since the last time I posted something here, trying to craft a gem for your ears. As it turns out, I have managed to pull something out of the hat with my latest work. This beat is much darker than what I have done so far, yet the powerful saxophone solo is there to cradle listeners into a particular state of mind. You will understand once you have listened for yourselves (links situated at the bottom of the page). It saddens me to say that Jex, my partner in musical crime, was not available for the making of this track, and it explains why it is bereft of previous melodious chords, but I hope you will enjoy it regardless. If this isn’t the case, fear not, because we have a couple of bombs in the making for all our fans and all I ask for is a bit of patience.

To finish this off, I want to thank each and everyone of you again for being omnipresent in this musical journey I am undertaking, and I look forward to your feedback as always.

Take care one and all!!!

Links to my music:


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