First things first…

Following my recent surge in musical creativity, I’ve decided to welcome you to this blog!!!  This is where I will share my journey with you and keep you updated on all the music, gigs and other proceedings.

Please feel free to comment and get involved. Wether you decide to follow or share, just make sure to enjoy yourself along the way.

To kickstart this adventure, here is a little piece of my art (find the link below). Hopefully this will be the first of many to come with my musical partner, Jex, who is heavily involved in most of my creations.

Paradisco started from a remix project. Being french, I was heavily interested in using Charlotte Gainsbourg’s voice and who better to create a remix of a frenchwoman’s voice than two frenchmen.
I had been looking for a vocal for long time, that was at the same time sweet, innocent and passionate. The first time I heard the sound of her voice, things started ticking in my head and i decided to work on the tune that people could both listen and dance to. Me and Jex were both hypnotised by her mellow sounding voice and decided to get to work on what I considered to be a rather patriotic piece of music. This song is very deep, passionate and the unique piano riff in the second drop, for me, symbolises all the emotions that were put into this project. So please listen, enjoy and let this music take you through our journey!!!

Paradisco (Dez & Jex Sweet Remix)

Peace out!


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